There are many powerful attractions and contents that will enthrall both adults and children!
Let's get excited and thrilled all day long with activities that will make you lose track of time!

Towering over the hills36 attractions.Attack!

large athletic facility

A large, thrilling athletic facility that is sure to enthrall even adults. The 15-meter-high athletic facility offers 36 attractions for visitors to try. By working together to complete the attractions, visitors can build a sense of team solidarity and cohesion, making it a great team-building activity.
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Dive toward the sea! The only flight experience you'll ever have here. Enjoy!


The 300-meter-long zip line, which takes off from the top of the athletic field, offers a sense of speed over the boat pond and a spectacular view of the magnificent sky, sea, and land of Yokosuka's west coast.
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The huge boulders that are coming at us. Can you avoid it?

VR & AR Attractions

Soleil's indoor sports experience facility "Sole! The latest virtual contents at Soleil's indoor sports experience facility "Sole! You can experience the popular e-sports, trampolining in virtual space VR, and field hockey games using projector-illuminated AR.

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With the latest EV karts Ride fast on the Lakeside!


A go-cart attraction located along the boat pond where you can enjoy an exhilarating drive!
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Full-fledged Archery competitions. You can experience it! (For 3rd graders and younger, sole! (3rd graders and under can experience it at the SPO!)


An authentic archery experience for children from 4th grade and up to adults! Experience the weight of the string and the speed at which the arrow flies! *The facility is roofed, so you can enjoy it even in the rain.
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glide before your eyes Feel the sound of hawks' wings!

Bird Show (Animal Village)

This is an exciting bird show that brings you closer to the ecology of birds, which is usually difficult to see! Experience the amazing discovery of hawks' good eyesight and the speed with which they catch their prey!

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The maximum slope is 18 degrees,
The hill is 44 meters long.
Let's glide!

shiva slider

This is a sledding attraction with a maximum slope of 18 degrees and a total length of 44 meters. Adults and small children can enjoy this attraction with a parent or guardian. You can cheer on your children and take pictures from the free gallery space for spectators.
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Status of park operations

  • About Amusement Facilities

    Trampoline, Canadian Canoe and Retro Boat are suspended today (5/20) due to inclement weather.
  • About the Dog Run

    Closed today (5/20) due to inclement weather.
  • Notice of the end of the carp streamer display period

    The 100 swimming carp streamers that were scheduled to be displayed until May 26 have been closed earlier than planned due to strong winds that made it difficult to display them. We apologize for the inconvenience.