The park is dotted here and there with places where visitors can enjoy the changing scenery and expressions of the four seasons.
Find your own special place in the slow flow of time.

The setting sun.
while watching
Relax your mind and body.

Hot water of the sea and sunset

This is a hot spring facility with a great view. The large open-air bath offers a panoramic view of the vast Sagami Bay, and on clear days you can even see Mt. Fuji on a clear day. You can relax while feeling the natural air. In addition to the indoor baths, there are also lying and sitting baths, so you can relax and work up a sweat after enjoying the park.
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Enjoy a piece!

Flower Garden East / West

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Lie down.
Become one with the sky!

leisurely stroll

Anyone can freely enter "NONPPI Harappa". You can lay out picnic sheets, eat a box lunch, and enjoy spending your time as you wish.
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The Four Seasons
The transition of the sea and the sky.
A superb photo spot.

The View

A new new place to view the sunset and the sea. The view of Miura Misaki, Izu Peninsula, Izu Oshima, and Mt. Please enjoy it slowly with a drink in your hand.
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Viewing Mt.
enjoy (oneself)
Authentic Italian.


Pizza baked in our wood-fired oven, pasta made with seasonal ingredients, and authentic Italian food made from locally produced and locally consumed ingredients are just a few of our specialties. Please enjoy a relaxing meal in the restaurant's resort atmosphere or on the terrace with your dog.
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With Fluffy Animals
come into contact with
Healing space.

animal village

Capybaras, kangaroos, alpacas, penguins, and other cute animals are all here!
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In the world of fairy tales
A sigh of relief.

Ohana Kids Room

A kids' room filled with flowers, as if you have entered a fairy tale world. A space that inspires children's rich sensibilities and imagination for a moment of relaxation.
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Status of park operations

  • About Amusement Facilities

    Trampoline, Canadian Canoe and Retro Boat are suspended today (5/20) due to inclement weather.
  • About the Dog Run

    Closed today (5/20) due to inclement weather.
  • Notice of the end of the carp streamer display period

    The 100 swimming carp streamers that were scheduled to be displayed until May 26 have been closed earlier than planned due to strong winds that made it difficult to display them. We apologize for the inconvenience.