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365 days a year for everyone.
Play and enjoy to the fullest
Entertainment Park

Visitors can feel in harmony with nature, with spectacular views of Sagami Bay, Izu Oshima Island, Mt. Fuji, and seasonal flowers blooming in the park.
There are a variety of facilities and contents for children and adults to enjoy "Eat, Play, Stay, Experience, and Shop".
There are endless ways to enjoy it.
You can find your own "way of spending time" in this park.


Map of the park

paprk map

What to do when you come to "Soleil Hill"?
This park is filled with excitement.
inside the garden (park)mapSo come enjoy all that Soleil has to offer, one hand in the other!



From dishes utilizing local ingredients to sweets.
Lots of "delicious" food!

There is a restaurant where you can taste seafood from Sagami Bay and organic vegetables from Miura, a barbecue facility where you can take out sweets and enjoy them with your family and friends. Walk around the park and enjoy the "pleasure of eating".

PLAY(in baseball) to intentionally throw a ball to lower the batter's concentration

Both outdoor and indoor.
A place of "fun" to visit again and again

There is a large athletic facility, a zip line, "SOLE! SPO" where you can experience e-sports, "Ocean Dog Park YOKOSUKA" where you can play with your pets, and much more!

STAYbe berthed

Accommodations are also available.
Experience "morning, noon, and night" at Soleil Hill

Whether you are camping with friends, family, or solo campers, we have a lineup of accommodation styles to meet your needs, including tents, glamping, and bungalows. Experience the star-filled night sky and the sunrise over Sagami Bay on a day at Soleil Hill.


Feel the nature.
Let's experience "for the first time"!

Enjoy the spectacular ocean view at "The View"! The park also offers a lineup of various hands-on activities such as craft making and farming. For your "first" experience, come to Soleil Hill.


A large lineup of souvenirs from the Miura Peninsula

From specialties of the Miura Peninsula to original goods, there are many souvenirs unique to Soleil Hill! Please take one as a souvenir of your visit to the park.


Recommended Events