2024.03.18 MON

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Coupons and various tickets can now be purchased in advance!

Update : 2024.03.08

Various tickets can now be purchased in advance from the "Advance Ticket Purchase" button at the bottom right of the homepage.

If you select the date you want to go and make a payment in advance, all you have to do on the day of the event is to show the screen to the staff!

Pre-purchase the content you want to play with and enjoy Soleil Hill in a smart way!


Please check the various precautions before making a purchase.

Start of use

Tickets can be purchased for dates after March 18.

*Cooking experience classes will be scheduled after April 1.


  • About Large Athletic Facilities

    We will be closed on Monday, August 19 from 10:00 to 13:00 for group use.

  • About the Hands-on Workshop

    Due to group use, the following dates and times will be closed.

    Cooking Experience Workshop
    July 26 (Fri.)
    10:00~ Baking original bread
    11:30 - Mixed pizza with colorful vegetables
    13:30- Making animal melon bread

  • Status of park operations

    On Monday, July 22, the penguin exhibit in the Animal Village will be open until 4 p.m.

    Soleil Train, Retro Boat, and Canadian Canoe will be suspended today for maintenance.