Rabbit Café

Specializing in soft serve ice cream, shakes, fries, chicken, and other takeout items. We also offer other tasty items such as sandwiches made with premium quality bread. Please enjoy them with soft drinks, authentic coffee, and alcoholic beverages. There is also a photo spot on the wall of the restaurant where you can take pictures of bunnies shaped like colorful flowers, perfect for social networking.


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Price range ¥250~¥1,500
(10% off all items on rainy days)

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Status of park operations

  • About Amusement Facilities

    Trampoline, Canadian Canoe and Retro Boat are suspended today (5/20) due to inclement weather.

  • About the Dog Run

    Closed today (5/20) due to inclement weather.

  • Notice of the end of the carp streamer display period

    The 100 swimming carp streamers that were scheduled to be displayed until May 26 have been closed earlier than planned due to strong winds that made it difficult to display them. We apologize for the inconvenience.